CORA By Numbers

Why CORA Loves PORCH: Every pound of food donated is like giving CORA $1.15.

  • Demand for food at CORA has increased 31% since July 1 2011 and has served 500 or more families per one month for over three months in a row. 
  • 500 families a month means more volunteers needed, more food needed and more funds needed. 
  • To put that in perspective: The pantry is open 20 hours a week, and they take appointments every fifteen minutes. 
  • It costs CORA about $50 to feed a family of four. They pay an average of 85 cents per pound for food they purchase. 1200 pounds of food donated saves CORA more than $1000!  
  • It takes about 70 pounds of food to feed a family of four for a week. 1,200 pounds of food will feed 17 families for a week (that’s about the number of families that visit the pantry in a typical week, although lately the weekly numbers have been higher).