CURRENT Food Donation Guidelines
Boxed cerealsNon-perishableA MOST NEEDED ITEM
  • healthy, low sugar varieties 14 oz to 18 oz
PastaNon-perishableA MOST NEEDED ITEM
  • No glass containers: 1 lb varieties other than spaghetti & macaroni
Baking mixNon-perishable
Drink mixNon-perishableNo glass containers.
Coffee and/or teaNon-perishable
Pancake mixNon-perishable
CondimentsNon-perishableNo glass containers.
Herbs and spicesNon-perishableNo glass containers.
Ethnic foodsNon-perishableOnly those that do not need refrigeration. No glass containers.
Other pantry staplesNon-perishableNo glass containers.
Fresh vegetablesPerishableOnly those that do not need refrigeration, such as potatoes, apples, and oranges.
Canned salmon (14.75oz)Non-perishableA MOST NEEDED ITEM
Canned ham (1 lb)Non-perishableA MOST NEEDED ITEM
SoupsNon-perishableA MOST NEEDED ITEM 
  • Cream of chicken, other chicken and beef soups, chowders 10.75 oz - 20 oz.
Canned fruitNon-perishableA MOST NEEDED ITEM
  • Light syrup or natural fruit juices 15 oz to 20 0z
Canned beansNon-perishableA MOST NEEDED ITEM
  • Kidney and black 15 oz to 16oz
Canned vegetablesNon-perishableA MOST NEEDED ITEM
  • Collard greens, mixed greens, tomatoes, potatoes 14.25 oz to 20 oz
Maseca corn flour (2 lb)Non-perishableA MOST NEEDED ITEM
Shelf stable milk (32 oz)Non-perishableA MOST NEEDED ITEM
Grits (1 lb 2 oz)Non-perishable
Paper productsNon-perishableA MOST NEEDED ITEM
  • Toilet paper, tissues (for example, Kleenex or other brands), paper towels
ToiletriesNon-perishableA MOST NEEDED ITEM
  • Toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, disposable razors

Place all donations in bags (not boxes) and please don’t overload them (more lighter bags are better than a few heavy ones). While plastic bags are OK for the donations, it is a lot easier for our collecting and transferring the food when we arrive at CORA if you use PAPER bags (which are a renewable resource), rather than plastic bags. The contents often fall out of plastic bags, making the handling of large volumes of food more difficult. If plastic bags are easier for you, feel free to use them for your donations. CORA likes to have a supply of plastic bags on hand for people who come for the donated food, so please do donate those you do not need. 

You do not need to donate every month. Just let your neighborhood coordinator know when you will be participating.

An additional opportunity to help CORA is to keep their Birthday Closet stocked.
They maintain a special closet for children's birthday parties and need items like cake and frosting mix, small, inexpensive toys (safe and marked for age range), snacks, and party supplies.  If you would like to help in this way, please put these items in separate bags that are clearly marked, "Birthday Closet."