June 05, 2013 Community Celebration

posted Jun 7, 2016, 10:58 PM by Jon Darling   [ updated Jun 7, 2016, 11:13 PM ]
On Sunday, June 05, 2016, during a community celebration at The Roost, CORA presented the PORCH Fearrington community project, neighborhood coordinators, and community participants with a recognition appreciation award for the 50 tons of food donated over the past 4 years. Donna Fehrenbach and her team of CORA and PORCH volunteers organized a fantastic party held outside the courtyard under the trees on a beautiful afternoon. 

To view the appreciation award click on the hotlink at the bottom of this page.

Approximately 80 residents attended the event and enjoyed the nice weather, engaging conversations, pizza, snacks, drinks, and cake. Beth Budd, Executive Director of CORA presented the award on behalf of the CORA Board of Directors to Roz Darling, coordinator of PORCH Fearrington, who accepted it on behalf of the community. The award will be permanently displayed in The Gathering Place.

Christine Cotton, Founder/Director of PORCH, INC. (http://porchcommunities.org) also addressed the group, praising their collective accomplishments and dedication to meeting such an impressive portion of the Chatham County residents who need food assistance.


Top Left: CORA Board Members Who Attended: L to R: John Todd, Ryan Cribbins, Alan Lamoreaux, Joyce Johnson, Susan Kelemen, John Kushman, Jim Farrington

Top Right: Left: Roz Darling (Coordinator of PORCH Fearrington) & Right: Christine Cotton, Founder and Director of PORCH, INC. http://porchcommunities.org 

Bottom Left:  Some PORCH Fearrington Facts

Bottom Right:   Donna Fehrenbach, CORA volunteer and the organizer of the celebration event.